Friday 6 October 2023

World War 2 Blitz war games 0.0.7 by Shooting games for everyone

World War 2 Blitz war games 0.0.7 by Shooting games for everyone

Offline games & ww2 games! Combat in shooter games with war setting!

Immerse yourself in the intense war games and heroic struggles of ww2 shooting games with World War 2 Blitz - offline games & shooter games! Step back in time and experience the epic conflict of ww2 games! Historically accurate battlegrounds, realistic environments, weaponry, and uniforms in action-packed shooter games offline!

Choose any of war shooting games modes: FFA battles, Team deathmatch, Capture the Flag. Complete special missions and fight for the victory in these ww2 shooting games!

World War 2 Blitz - war games - features:

- Offline games! Enjoy the heroic battles in shooter games anytime you want!

- Combat missions! Complete them all and become a hero of ww2 games!

- Various Arsenal! Arm yourself with a vast array of war shooting games weapons! Each weapon has its own unique characteristics for intense shooter games offline!

- Easy and pleasant shooting controls in offline shooting games! Feel control of your actions and perform skillful maneuvers - win these war shooting games!

- Different maps in ww2 games! Enjoy the historical surroundings and backgrounds of World War 2!

- Critical fights and total action! Participate in battles in exciting offline shooting games!

Offline games modes:

- Capture the Flag. Capture the enemie’s flag and bring it to your base. The more flags - the better. Become a team winner in war games.

- FFA battles. Run, shoot, defend! Do anything you want in ww2 games.

- Team deathmatch. Classic mode for fps games.

World War 2 Blitz (war games & offline games) offers an unparalleled gaming experience for history enthusiasts, shooter games lovers, and anyone seeking a thrilling journey back in time with ww2 shooting games . Brace yourself for epic battles in war shooting games and unforgettable moments!

Classic shooter games missions and action battles in ww2 games modes are waiting for you! Engage with history while enjoying intense and thrilling gameplay of World War 2 Blitz - war games!

Destroy the enemy, survive and become a real hero!

What's New in the Latest Version 0.0.7
Last updated on Oct 4, 2023

- bugs fixed
- overall performance improvement

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