Tuesday 12 September 2023

Bagan - Myanmar Keyboard 14.23 by Bagan Innovation Technology

Bagan - Myanmar Keyboard 14.23 by Bagan Innovation Technology

About Bagan - Myanmar Keyboard

Best Myanmar Keyboard, Myanmar Unicode Keyboard, Zawgyi Keyboard

The best Myanmar keyboard (Pagan keyboard)

Bagan keyboard is the best Myanmar keyboard written by Myanmar developers. Zaw Ji in Burmese writing, It's a Burmese keyboard that makes it easy to type both Unicode. When typing in Zawji font and Typing with Unicode font is made easy and fast, which is the top among Myanmar keyboards. It is a Myanmar keyboard with many users. To type Burmese faster and more accurately, install and use Bagan keyboard now for free. Myanmar Zawji Myanmar Unicode keyboard, not only Shan, Mon and Thai keyboards are now available in Bagan keyboard.

We would like to explain the functions in the new Bagan Keyboard Version. Let's read it!

- Auto Font Detect & Keyboard Selection that automatically checks if you have a Unicode font installed in your phone and changes the Unicode keyboard at once.

- You can choose 3 types of Unicode layouts (Bagan Style, Tableau Style, Unicode Style).

- Bagan Style is a style of striking before the back of the head. The style of the board is to hit the front and back. Unicode Style is the style of typing after a stroke

- Music from your phone Video Contacts are memorized in Zawji, For those who want to change unicode, you can do it easily by clicking Unicode Converter in Bagan Keyboard Setting.

- Have you ever been unable to read SMS? When you click on the text you want to read and copy it, you can see the converted text at once, so you can read it easily.

- Do you want to do Voice Typing? Bagan Keyboard has both Google Voice Typing and Bagan Voice Typing (Myanmar local technology). In addition, exchange rates, gold price Bagan Voice Command where you can ask for prices by voice. It's currently a partial release, and it's released as a beta, so users haven't finished it yet, so they'll get it later. There are too many people using it, so we are slowly releasing it.

- Only Unicode font in your phone, You don't have to do anything else. All the work is convenient with Bagan Keyboard.

Now, if there is a Bagan keyboard that can be easily typed for both Unicode and Zawji, what else do you need? The most popular Pagan keyboard in Myanmar!

What's New in the Latest Version 14.23

Last updated on Jul 4, 2022

- Android 12 Enhancement

- Facebook SDK updated

- Bug fixed

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