Tuesday 22 August 2023

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker by Art Sol

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker by Art Sol

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker for public announcement to bluetooth loudspeaker.

Are you looking for bluetooth live microphone to convert your phone as mic to speaker tool you can speak loudly in bluetooth loudspeaker using wireless connection like bluetooth? if yes, then use our MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker. Attach your phone to bluetooth loudspeakers or karaoke microphone & your smartphone converted into an announcement microphone.

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker app will help you:

- Turning your mobile phone as a Mic.

- Singing a song from a smartphone with bluetooth loudspeaker as like as Mic.

- Save your recorded files.

- you can play recorded audios.

- Share your recorded audios with our friends and families.

Our MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker app works with Bluetooth microphone to send audio voice to speaker for public announcement. By connecting mobile to sound output device use this mic app as a microphone.

If you can't hear well, use this realtime microphone app for hearing purposes. The app is used as a stethoscope to hear your heartbeat rate. you want to make a loud noise, use a microphone app as a megaphone.

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker can be used as:

- Live Microphone loudspeaker connecting to bluetooth speaker.

- Microphone Announcement from mobile phone or from speaker.

- Voice Singing & Record audio via mobile mic app.

- Mic Phone Speaker or bluetooth external speaker.

MobileMic To Bluetooth Speaker is a very simple app that just sends audio from your mic to the loudspeaker. We developed it to make loud your voice and use your mobile phone as Mic connecting with speaker.

Thanks & Enjoy!

What's New in the Latest Version
Last updated on Jul 22, 2023

- Improve App Performance.

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