Monday 15 November 2021

 Don't Touch My Phone : theft alarm 2021  1.5 for Android

Don't Touch My Phone : theft alarm 2021 1.5 for Android

The description of Don't Touch My Phone : theft alarm 2021 App

Don't touch my phone will secure your mobile from crooks touching and will protect your phone from snoopers from touching and spy touching your phone antifurto de cellular. With this Anti-theft app, you will not be afraid to let your mobile anywhere in your surroundings.

You don't have to tell to any one that please don't touch my phone anymore or don't tap my phone. Because this theft alarm will protect your phone from crooks and snooper . Protect your phone from your workmate also.

How to Use:

 Click Start to activate the Alarm

 Place the device anywhere

 If anyone touch the mobile, It will activate the alarm.

 You will be notified.

Don’t touch my phone uses your phone sensor and works as mobile alarm touch and theft alarm by touching your phone Why to Use Don’t Touch My Phone:

There are a lot of naughty workmates, snoopers and crooks out there and they always want to touch your phone and tap your phone and who unlocks your smart phone and who touched my phone. So it is important to use don’t touch my mobile, anti-theft alarm , don't touch phone privacy, alarm touch and who unlocks my phone alarme antifurto.

This mobile touch app is an amazing option by telling your friends again and again.

Download, enjoy and don’t forget to share it with friends.