Wednesday 3 May 2023

Complete Dress Pattern 2.0 for Android

Complete Dress Pattern 2.0 for Android

Making your own clothes is
not as difficult as knitting. How come you can?
Because the Complete Dress Pattern Application will help you to make the clothes you like, because there is already a shirt design and pattern. Wait especially please download the Complete Dress Pattern application for FREE.

I am among those who rarely buy clothes, unless forced. Because besides being difficult to find the right size, it also often does not match the color and model. So if you have already bought clothes, there must be something changed, discarded or added, even if it's only lace / decoration. Finally looking for images of clothing models and then handed over to the tailor to make it with fabrics and colors according to taste.

Over time I thought of making my own clothes. Because not all tailors understand clothing models now and can make it. Especially the old tailor. If the tailor is still young, especially smart in making a model, maybe it will not be difficult to imitate the model of the clothes that I submitted.

The first step to making clothes is to determine the pattern. Lots of tutorials / guides make patterns for beginners in the form of print media (books) and online media. Since I am lazy to make a pattern that uses a size like a tailor in general (because I have not been able to sew), so I use the easiest method (in my opinion) that is tracing the existing clothes.

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